A Great Sisterhood of Fun, Friendship, Fitness & Fullfillment

Please Remember to:

AVOID MEN                  M-mouth



Instead Follow Women

W- wash your hands

O- obey social distancing

M-mask up

E -exercise and eat well

N- no unnecessary traveling



This is your Exalted Queen Mother, Sue Ellen Cooper, and Queen Lady Bug and your CEO, Debra Granich. We are giving this message online as we usually do it at our convention, but we didn’t get to have one this year, which was sad for everyone.

We need to give you an update to let you know what’s going on and tell you how the Covid-19 pandemic is impacting Red Hat Society today and into the future.

There are stay-at-home orders still in place due to the pandemic, and only essential workers are allowed to work in offices. So most of our employees are working off-site. We have very few who are working here and they are working to get your packages out to you. We have staff working the phones from their homes, helping you to sign up and trying to keep the communications going - from the Queen to Queens, Ambassador communications – we're even still working on our next magazine! We are working feverishly to keep you connected.

We’re also working with the Hatters who are hosting Zoom gatherings and getting everybody involved so we’re not losing our connections. And those connections happen because you are a part of the Red Hat Society.

Here’s what we’re doing here at HQ: as we said, there are people working from home, and we are working very hard to keep RHS going and keep it strong – but we need your help.

People have often asked why we need money, and we’ve explained it many times – we need to keep the business going and the office going as they are serving purposes. The Red Hat Society Hatquarters is a hub – the information comes in from you and we pass it along to share your stories and keep the connections going. We need all to realize how important that structure is because without it, it would be chaos. We would be very sad to lose the sisterhood we’ve built along with all the connections we’ve made.

We’re asking you to help. Please support the Society by paying your membership dues and attending events that only have paid members.

Queens, you can support us by making sure you only have paid members in your chapter. Those who are playing without paying are actually destroying us. We’ve even heard of instances where women are proud to be part of “rogue chapters.” We have very few guidelines, but the one that matters the most is making sure those who want to play pay their dues. It is the honorable thing to do. We only survive by your membership dues.

Members, please make sure your membership is current. You can check the status of your membership or renew by logging into your account at If you need any assistance logging in, please contact the Hatquarters team at [email protected]

The structure of the RHS is vital. If we lose that, it will be gone. It is a real possibility; we don’t want to be one of the business that goes out because of the pandemic. It has very much affected us because so many have said “I don’t want to pay dues until I can go out.”

This is where you come in. We need your power. We need your strength to keep the Red Hat Society alive. There’s so much that you can do, and we need it now more than ever because we have exciting things to share with you.

We are developing a website that is catered to a Boomer woman and will make it much easier to use. We’re very excited to bring this to you, but we have to keep RHS alive so we can show you the new website for 2021.

We need to get ahead a little bit to entice more women to join and to show them what we offer.

What we do have now is hope for the future. We have lots of things planned – we still have our convention planned for May 2021. We’re very exciting for it – however, if by chance this pandemic continues to extend and affects the convention, if you have signed up and paid, you will get your refund, so don’t worry about that. We do have a great convention planned for you. There’s even an added day for Mother’s Day!

We’re working hard with our team planning for 2021 and we’re looking forward to the future. But we need your help. And we need to all work as a team more than we ever have.

We thank you for your loyalty, we thank you for your dedication, and may you stay healthy and be safe!

Thank you so much for your support,

Sue Ellen, Debra, and the Hatquarters team

Questions? Please send an email to [email protected] or call 866-386-2850 (or 714-738-0001 int’l) Monday - Thursday 8AM-5PM PST.

To take advantage of the Virtual Membership offer ($22 USD annually for members; $42 USD annually for queens – offer good through December 31, 2020), either click here or login to your RHS account to renew.

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