A Great Sisterhood of Fun, Friendship, Fitness & Fullfillment

February 2021 

Hello Ladies,

 Praying all of you and yours are staying safe and healthy and all of your needs are being met as  we see what this fresh new year will bring.

We are still not out of the woods with Covid-19, but strides are being made and hopefully we will be able to put it behind us soon. As people are getting vaccinated I hope we will reach herd immunity soon and this will be the solution to the madness. 

Membership  Renewal

The Red Hat Society has exended the Virtual membership  of $22.00 If you have your RHS user name and password you should be able to renew online for the Virtual membership.

Chapter Groups: 82365 DIVAS WITH HATTITUDE

A Membership has expired and is within the 30 day grace period (the Member appears highlighted in pink ). Please inform the Member that she needs to log in and renew. If she is unable to login for any reason, please have her call Hatquarters at 866-386-2850 Monday through Thursday 8AM to 5PM PST or feel free to send in a registration via us mail using this form.

A Membership has expired, the Member is beyond the 30 day grace period and is no longer visible on your roster. Please inform the Member that she needs to log in and renew (yes, she can still log in using her username and password). If she is unable to login for any reason, please have her call Hatquarters at 866-386-2850 Monday through Thursday 8AM to 5PM PST or feel free to send in a registration via us mail using this form.

If a Member’s contact information is not visible, then the Member has chosen not to share their private contact information.

Members as of 2/1/2021

Queen Sandra Gibbs 3/11/2022

Sherry Henderson Expiration 03/17/2021

 Winona Kindred  Expiration 02/03/2021 

 Odie Poindexter Expiration  06/06/2023 

 Juanita Moore Expiration 01/10/2022 

 Jacqueline Lockwood Expiration 02/01/2021 

 Jo Ann Murphy Expiration 03/27/2021 

 Brenda Hadnott Expiration 04/27/2021    

 Elaine Robinson Expiration 05/08/2021

 Marie Uwakonye Expiration 07/29/2023 

 Rhonda McKinney Expiration 01/13/2021 

 Wylondia Lewis Expiration 04/06/2021 

 Jerdine Williams Expiration 01/23/2022 

 Pat Richards Expiration 02/24/2021 

 Delta Polk Expiration 08/30/2021 

 Rhonda Miller  Expiration 03/26/2021 

Janet Mullins  Expiration 04/23/2021 

 Sherry Woods Expiration 06/03/2023 

 Connie Galloway Expiration 02/17/23

 Gina Walton  Expiration 06/27/2021 

Linda Johnson Expiration 08/05/2021 

 Beverly Williams Expiration 08/05/2021 

 Arlene Martin Expiration 02/01/2021 

Carla West Expiration 06/29/2021 

 Laurntyne James  Expiration 10/12/2021 

 Ella Guillory Expiration 02/21/2021 

 Hattie Harrison  Expiration 04/06/2021 

 Sharon McDougle Expiration 06/28/2021 

 Norma Sutherland  Expiration 09/06/2021 

 J McClain Expiration 10/02/2021 

 Sandra Williams  Expiration 11/19/2021 

Tina Bilbo Expiration 03/06/2021 

 Fransetta Wells  Expiration 05/30/2021 

Joycelyn Charles  Expiration 06/15/2021 

 Sharon Grays Expiration 06/24/2021 

 Valeria Wilkinson Expiration 01/10/2021 

 Jacqueline Olumoko Expiration 01/13/2022 

 Tina Walker Expiration 01/14/2021 

 Sandra Amerson  Expiration 01/18/2022 

 Andrea Bull Expiration 02/09/2021  

 MELISSA CARDENAS  Expiration 06/11/2021

Cynthia Howard Expiration 1/31/2021

Audrey Wimbley  (Renewal Pending)

Myrtis Fobbs (Renewal Pending}

The following are listed on their own chapter roster

Linda Cornett, Kim Cochran, Sandra Johnson, Loretta Smith

The following did not renew within the 30 day period and have been removed from the Roster

Sherrilyn Andy, Rosalind Sanders, Vernia Moore, Crystal Grays, Connie Goodman, Corliss Reed, Fredricka Hall

The following are in the pink/Arlene Martin, Jacqueline Lockwood, Cynthia Howard, Tina Walker and Rhonda McKinney

I realize Covid-19 has played havoc with us getting together in our usual manner, however we are still an active chapter whether through Zoom events, outdoor events or at Bayland where we gather safely as we practice social distancing.  On that note I hope all of you will consider renewing so you can continue our motto of Fun, Friendship and Fitness

Gatherings & Events

Our next Event will be the celebration of our 10th Chapter Anniversary March 20, 2021

Details to Follow via EVITE

Please click on message from Host on the Evite so you will have all the details 

We have a Bus scheduled for April if you have an idea where we can travel safely on a day trip, please let me know the bus practice social distancing, sanitizing and limited riders All CDC guidelines are followed

A Special Shout Out to those who participated in our Valentine Social, we had Valentine trivia, heart health trivia, and a little taste of Mardi Gras. Loretta found the baby in the cake last year so she provided this years Mardi Gras cake, I believe next years cake will be provided by Sandra Amerson. We created Valentine hats out of every item imaginable, boxes, baskets, construction paper and more, the finished products were awesome. Those in attendance received stuffed Valentine mailboxes and unicorns as presents. And we had some great snacks too, red hat cookies, turkey wraps, applesauce cake, and lots of candy treats. Thanks Ladies

Hats Off

Congratulations to Sharon McDougle on two awesome interviews, she appeared on The Debra Duncan show as a guest And on Kprc Chanel 2

news. Excellent job Sharon we are proud of you.

If you missed it check videos

Time to Blow Out The Candles

Happy Birthday To our February Birthdays

Sandra Amerson, Marie Uwakonye, Sharon McDougle

and Norma Sutherland

We wish you Many More