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Happy October Ladies, Praying all of you and yours are remaining safe and healthy and all of your needs are being met as we continue to survive during these trying times. Some of us  are going through health challenges, some have buried friends and family, but through it all God has kept us and I can't speak for you but I still have a Praise inside of ME.

We continue to tip our Red hats and salute  all of our members who are essential workers, We continue to pray as our children,  educators, administrators, and other staff return to in person learning. Praying for a special hedge of protection around all. Let's continue to keep them all in our Prayers.


Sandra Amerson sent us a lovely thank you card for our prayers, and plant in the homegoing of her brother Mark.

Elaine Robinson thanks each of you for your prayers and concern as she continues to recover from her emergency surgery.

A Tip of the Red Hat goes to Rhonda Miller on her sermon

Red Jello Moments on October 18th at Trinity East UMC on Laity Sunday

Well Done Rhonda and Thank God for Red Jello moments

A Tip of the Red Hat goes to Sharon McDougle for her continued virtual book reading to children. These books lift and insure our children feel comfortable in their own skin.

Thanks Sharon for all you do.

She is also featured on the RHS page for her Derby Hat creation. Way to Go

Join me in wishing Marie Henry a fond farewell as she prepares to move back to New Orleans, La.

She will be missed and a Heartfelt thanks for all the outstanding donations she made along with Linda Johnson to the chapter this year although Covid19 cut our in person playtime short. The ladies who have joined us on Zoom has won gift cards purchased and donated by Marie and Linda.  She has also gifted us with very nice gift boxes to be raffled off to raise funds for the chapter. We wish you the best and send you off with red hugs and purple kisses

Please take note of the below message for everyone whose membership expired or will expire in 2020

Virtual RHS Membership Offer is Extended!

Your team at Hatquarters knows that these recent months have been challenging – we've all had to go through this unprecedented experience with the utmost flexibility! In response to the ongoing pandemic and with the desire to continue to keep RHS members around the world connected during these times, we are extending the offer of annual Virtual Membership for just $22 USD, or $42 USD for Queens.

This offer will be extended through the end of 2020. Invite someone new to join or renew your current membership online as a Virtual Member or Queen – completely paperless! Please tell your friends that now, more than ever, is the perfect time to join or renew.

Remember, Virtual Membership comes with all the benefits of traditional membership, but provides your RHS materials completely online and via email. You’ll be able to play with all the wonderful connections you’ve made both online and in-person, when the time comes!

This is not a discounted membership. This is a new type of membership. To obtain it, log in to and complete your registration online. Can’t log in? If you need help to reset your username and password, just email [email protected] for assistance. Anyone who wishes to process a payment over the phone, email or mail in a check will be registered as a traditional member or queen at the $30/$49 USD price.

We want to know that you are supported and cared for during these uncertain times, both by your RHS sisters around the world and by your Hatquarters team – our international sisterhood comes with so many benefits and the ability to connect with Hatters when we need it most. Visit to take advantage of this offer today!


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