A Great Sisterhood of Fun, Friendship, Fitness & Fullfillment

Happy November Ladies, Praying all of you and yours are remaining safe and healthy and all of your needs are being met as we continue to survive during these trying times. Pray, Trust, Believe We will have a Story to tell on the other side of this Pandemic.

We continue to tip our Red hats and salute  all of our members who are essential workers, We continue to pray as our children,  educators, administrators, and other staff return to in person learning. Praying for a special hedge of protection around all. Let's continue to keep them all in our Prayers.


We have several members who did not renew their

membership within the 30 day time frame and have been Removed from the chapter roster by the RHS.

If you have been removed, you will no longer receive chapter information from me. 1. The RHS has asked that all members be supporting members by renewing for $30.00 a year 

2. I don't want to bombard you with information on chapter happenings if you are no longer interested.

If you are trying to renew and having issues you can either call the RHS @1-866Funat50  Mon-Thurs for assistance the best time to call is 12 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. our time. Or you can send your $30.00 to me and I will renew for you.

We hate to see you go but understand if thats your choice.


This has been a hard year on all of us, but through it all we're Blessed to still be standing.

I have tried extremely hard to keep our chapter alive and interesting through our Zoom gatherings and a few in person gatherings with social distances.

We've had A virtual Brunch, A Happy Hour, A Kentucky Derby Meeting and A Good Witches Brew. I understand some of you don't do computers and that's okay. We had a great social distancing

Hattitude of Grattitude in a parking lot. The space was covered, the weather was perfect and not a fly in sight.

The food was delicious, the assorted desserts was delectable, and the beverages refreshing.

We had the proverbial Thanksgiving trivia, A fall hat contest, A turkey trot through the parking lot and landed a photo opp with a politician and had a judge drop in for a plate of food.

A Tip of the Red Hat goes to Sandra Amerson, Connie Galloway, Delta Polk and Juanita Moore on a job well done.  A special thanks to all who came out to share in the Fun.


Thank you for your service to our members

Sharon McDougle 


Tina Walker


Wishing you and yours a Very Happy and Safe Thanksgiving


Start  a Trip Saving Jar

Because as soon as this Virus is eradicated from the face of earth, We are going to Canada


Cynthia Howard

Jeri Williams

Carla West

Kim Cochran

Felicia Wortham

We wish you Many Many More