A Great Sisterhood of Fun, Friendship, Fitness & Fullfillment

July 2021

Hello Ladies,

 Praying all of you and yours are staying safe and healthy and all of your needs are being met, If you feel comfortable getting the covid 19 vaccines, I hope you have been able to do so. 

A special shout out to all of you who have renewed your membership and continue to pay chapter dues, in the midst of this pandemic, it is greatly appreciated. And allows us to cover some of our event expenses

State of Divas With Hattitude

As of July 2021 our chapter membership stands at 40 supporting members of the Red Hat Society.

We continue to find ways to have Fun in a safe manner as we continue to deal with this Pandemic.

We just added 1 new member this month

Welcome Linda K. Gatlin

Thanks to all of you who participated in the Hats/Gloves & Pearls celebrating Mothers luncheon,  in May, our bus trip to the Alamo and the Riverwalk in June, and our Fun Fitness Stressbuster this month

Chapter Groups: 82365 DIVAS WITH HATTITUDE

Members as of 7/2021

Queen Sandra Gibbs 

 Winona Kindred  

 Odie Poindexter  

Vice Queen Juanita Moore 

 Jo Ann Murphy 

 Brenda Hadnott   

 Elaine Robinson 

 Marie Uwakonye 

 Wylondia Lewis 

 Jerdine Williams 

 Pat Richards 

 Delta Polk 

 Rhonda Miller  

Janet Mullins  

 Sherry Woods  

 Connie Galloway 

 Gina Walton  

Linda Johnson 

 Beverly Williams 

 Arlene Martin 

Carla West 

 Laurntyne James  

 Ella Guillory 

 Hattie Harrison

 Sharon McDougle 

 Norma Sutherland   

 J McClain 

 Sandra Williams  

Tina Bilbo  

 Fransetta Wells  

 Sharon Grays 

 Jacqueline Olumoko 

 Sandra Amerson  

Audrey Wimbley  

Myrtis  Fobbs

Liz Narcisse

Kim Cochran

Sandra Johnson

Loretta Smith

Linda Cornett

Linda K. Gatlin

 Covid-19 has played havoc with us getting together in our usual manner, however we are still an active chapter whether through Zoom events, outdoor events or at Bayland where we gather safely as we practice social distancing.  On that note I hope all of you will consider renewing so we can continue our motto of Fun, Friendship and Fitness

Gatherings & Events

Our next event is August 14,  2021 @Bayland Community center, Evites are on the way please respond so I know how to plan. Social distancing and Mask Up is our new normal until CDC says otherwise.

Time to Blow Out The Candles

Happy Birthday To our May Birthdays

Jan Mullins and Odie Poindexter

June Birthdays

Pat Richards & Jo Ann Murphy

July Birthdays

Linda Cornett, Elaine Robinson, Linda Gatlin

We wish you Many More